On this page you will find answers to the most popular questions about Nube Unique hookahs.

Why is a button needed?

When smoking a hookah, the bowl blow button is necessary to control the temperature of the tobacco and to use the hookah comfortably.

How does the purge button work?

When the tobacco overheats, you can press the button and blow out the hookah, due to the specially tuned air redistribution, the temperature in the bowl will be instantly reduced.

Why do you need a rotary valve?

The rotary valve on the Black One works in a similar way to the purge button. If the tobacco overheats, it is enough to turn the valve and blow out the hookah.

What is Nube Click?

This is a reliable system for fixing the hose to the hookah in a half turn. Used in Volt and Zebrano hookahs.

Does Nube hookahs have a diffuser?

Yes, the diffuser is realized with slots in the submerged shaft. Thanks to this, the thrust is close to the classic.

Can hookah be individually engraved?

Yes. After adding the hookah to the basket, you can select "add custom engraving".
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